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My Apple iPod Classic and Digital Wrongs


Apple informed me today that their engineers have decided the Apple iPod Classic is obsolete and they won’t be reversing the changes they made to iTunes that prevents you from sync-ing your iPod Classic with iTunes.  This is a painful moment for me, since I have four iPod Classic 160GB units and I use them all the time.

So, why would Apple decide not to support the iPod Classic?  I believe it has everything to do with Apple’s perception they are the ones to decide what you are deserve for “digital rights”, and I think that’s wrong.  The newer iOS devices allow Apple to promote stronger encryption and “digital rights management”, or distribution control.  And, it plays into the idea that you should be dependent on “their cloud” for storing your music and the network for streaming it.

For those with very large libraries, this is painful.  When I purchased my Late-2013 Mac Pro in Spring 2017, I was unaware that the iPod Classic was “obsolete” to the engineers and I’ve still seen no posts that identify this.  Had I known it, I might have decided to stay on software releases that supported the device, rather than get the latest and greatest release that removed support.

The current iPod Touch has less capacity than the iPod Classic and costs US$400.  Certainly, it’s a more sophisticated device, and I do know they still work, but the question is “until Apple decides they won’t”, not until they can’t.  I have two decent iPod Touch units that no longer get iOS updates.  When will Apple decide iOS 9 wont’ sync?  Only they know.  All these devices are more than sufficient for music, but not sufficient for what Apple decides should be their (not your) infrastructure.  So, the consumer pays the price for Apple’s Digital Wrongs.

I love the UNIX foundation of the Sierra-based Mac Pro, and now I’m off to assess alternatives to iTunes, like Swinsian, so I can continue to leverage a true classic device, the iPod Classic, for a few more years.


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